A Baby Is Born With Several Reflexes

A baby is born with some reflexes

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Baby reflex ...

A baby is born with certain reflexes to protect them for the first few weeks. This reflex will disappear after a few weeks and replaced with voluntary movements during baby's development. The doctor will check this reflex to ensure the central nervous system works correctly.

Reflexive walk.

If you hold a baby with an upright position with his foot touching the floor, his legs seem to be trying to walk. This reflex will last for around 3-4 weeks, and he will not really walk until he is around 12 months.

Crawling Reflex.

Place the baby in his stomach and he will take a position to crawl with his bottom in the air and his legs are crooked. This lasted for about two months when he would then be able to lie flat.

Find Reflex.

Touch the baby's cheek with your finger or breast and he will turn to the source and open his mouth to find food. This reflex will last for around 12 weeks.

Hold reflex

Place your finger in the palm of the baby and he will understand it. This accidental movement will last for about 3 months.

Suck reflex

Place your finger (clean) in the baby's mouth and he will suck it. This reflex ensures he will be able to feed.

Diving reflex

If the baby is placed in water - both during the birth of water or in the pool - his throat will be close so he does not swallow water. This means that babies will not sink if they are born in water, and he will also become a natural swimmer. This reflex will last for about 2 months, or longer if you take it swimming.

Reflex Babinski.

The stroke of the baby's feet and the feet thumbs will curl up and the other toes will spread. This lasted for about two years.

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