A Daddy Baby Shower - New Play on the Old Baby Shower

A Daddy Baby Shower - New Play on the Old Baby Shower

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Try something new, father's baby shower. Even though no one was realistically expecting a new father to sit with his closest friends, open the baby shower gift and play party games while flowing and Aahit for the birth of his child who will soon occur. That does not mean that Father cannot have a baby shower type celebration. Father deserves to celebrate the birth of his child too!

Of course, the term Baby Shower is apply for a baby-themed party vision. As explained above when planning a baby shower. So maybe the "Baby Shower" is not the right name for this gathering. Why limit yourself to the label? Just say the party "celebrate-jim-lincing-traveling", if you want, not a baby shower for father.

Here are some suggestions for making this type of party one for daddy-to rency:

Playing games:

Well, not the Baby Shower game. But you can play poker, horse shoes or even soccer-n-skin games in the backyard.

Eat, drink, and have fun:

Have lots of fatty and bad food for you. Create spareribs, steak cheese, wings, and whatever you can eat with your hands and mess. The wife won't be there to complain and you can snort everything you want. Has some beer (or soda if you want) and barbecue.

Last night:

Bring the father to come out for the night in the city to serve his bachelor party. Do some hopping bars, play the pool, shoot a few arrows, and don't go home until you are expelled from at least three places. However, keep your father safe, and point someone to remain aware and make sure everyone goes home in one piece. You might also want to check with mother-to-be to make sure he is fine with this plan. He, however, was pregnant and may not all who received the last party-before-father.

Gift for father-to-be:

Let Baby Shower officially take care of the baby's needs. Give a father's gift for himself, or the prize he will choose for the baby. Buy a diaper tool kit, complete with glasses, rubber gloves, clamp, clip, and of course, essential diapers, or Daddy Gear diapers.

Gag gift is also fun. Or you can buy clothes for new babies with a favorite sports team logo father or father matching and baby t-shirts. Think about the need like a battery too. Most likely they will not be in the Mother's registry, but all parents know that the battery is a hot commodity in any house with children. Be creative.

And don't forget that dad may need some reading material to get a dike on the latest parenting trends. Consider making it a book about ignorance, funny or vice versa, or maybe subscribing to a magazine for Father, such as Baby American magazine.

Ask other new dads to think of what toys or objects that are very helpful when their small children are not concocted, and buy or recommend them for times when the father-be-be-be at home alone with juniors.

Father comfort:

New dad is usually quite stressed about what will happen for life after a new baby comes. Be prepared to ask guests to tell funny and useful stories about their own experience by becoming a father. Make a point to convince him that his wife is not really crazy, he is hormonal and this will also pass.

Remember, baby daddy shower doesn't have to be a traditional shower, or even call a shower, but you can have it for my father alike. 

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