5 advantages of doing SEO techniques on a blog

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5 advantages of doing SEO techniques on a blog

The main purpose of creating a blog is of course so that it can be seen by googlers or web visitors. True, or not? The period of creating a blog Only when you are lazy. Using SEO techniques can generate profits for those who are good at SEO.

What is SEO?

You must often hear the name of SEO, yes or no?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a search engine that can make your website on the top page of searches, and increase website visitors.

This SEO role can increase the Website Page to No. 1 because the website or article that you create is considered to provide relevant and effective information.

on a website or blog, interesting content is needed. And interesting content on a website must have good SEO. In order to display a website or blog in page one position, the search results are not easy. As in the online world applies the principles of optimal website technique generate very good profits.

The website can occupy the top page position of the search engine, if the website has been perfected.

The following are the benefits that will be obtained if your website uses SEO techniques:

1. Be Number 1 in Keyword Search

SEO will make your website in the top position of the search page (SERP), to search for words that are relevant to website content. If the website is in search number 1, then your website will be a lot of people visiting.

2. SEO Friendly

This SEO Friendly makes your website favored by search engines. When your website is visited by many people from search engines. So SEO will choose website content that is relevant and good in the eyes of visitors.

3. Increase Traffic

If the existing website is created with SEO optimization and makes articles that are relevant and good, then Search Engines can recommend your website to be in the forefront to visit. For example, you want local visitors in your own city. Then SEO will find visitors in a certain city. When you want blog visitors from all over the world, surely search engines can recommend it. One way is to use the right keywords, to direct visitors.

4. Increase Marketing Effectiveness

When you enter the online world or buy and sell online. SEO will help your website which contains about selling these products. So that your website will be visited a lot. How it works like this:

Search Engines or search engines will index your website and put your website in a one-page search position, so that visitors will visit your buying and selling website.

5. Improve Marketing Cost Efficiency.

In running a business, of course, it requires a large amount of money. But not so with online businesses. Online bisanis can reduce costs considerably without even the cost of utilizing On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

So, the advantages of implementing SEO on the website are Can make your website be in page one position, SEO Friendly, increase traffic, increase marketing effectiveness (for those of you who build a website or blog for a business selling a product) and the latter can increase the efficiency of marketing costs.

To make your website or blog go up to page one or Page-One, extra effort is needed in managing it, by completing articles or multiplying articles per word. By learning this SEO technique, you now know about visitors.

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