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After previously discussing How to Get Income from Blogs, this time I will discuss about What are the Capital to Monetize a Blog!

What Are the Capital to Monetize a Blog?

Many people, do not know about this discussion, which is the consequence. Website or blog is difficult to monetize or even rejected by Google Adsense. To overcome this. You must know about anything, the capital for monetization of your blog.

The following are things that must be considered before you apply for monetization of your blog:

1. You must build a blog as attractive and quality as possible. In terms of content and appearance. To create a blog is very easy, because currently there are so many blog platforms that you can choose from, if I'm alone. Using the Blogger Platform or previously known as Blogspot. Why choose a blog or blogspot? The reason is simple. Because it is easy to use for beginners. Second, because the domain and hosting are free. Third, because blogger is integrated with Google, which provides convenience to its features. Like, Google Adsense, Google analytics and others. Therefore, I suggest that you also use Blogger.

2. You must be able to bring in readers and make them feel at home and even addicted to reading every post on your blog. Because this will also affect the monetization of your blog.

3. have high traffic. Almost all the ways that a blog can be monetized is to have high traffic or large numbers of visitors. So, the higher the traffic to your blog, the easier your path to monetization will be. Therefore, I highly recommend. Make content that is interesting, easy to understand, and most importantly, unique original content made by yourself, not the result of a copy from another blog.

4. Be patient and consistent. This is the last capital you need to monetize a blog, many people are impatient and inconsistent in creating content. As a result, they complain a lot and struggle to monetize their blog. Why be patient and consistent? Because, there is one thing that you must really understand. That, that blog monetization. It is not instant and all requires a process.

Can blog be used as the main source of income?

The answer! Can be!

Because, actually there are 2 types of blogger: Part-time blogger and Full-time blogger

A. Part-Time Blogger

Is a blogger who makes a blog as a side item, for example because of a hobby or want to get additional income (Passive Income), because he has another main source of income.

B. Full-Time Blogger

Are bloggers who make blogs as their main income.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If a part-time blogger, the advantage is that you still have other sources of income and can do other things or other jobs. As for the drawbacks, you must be able to manage the time to write a blog so that the blog stays up to date. Meanwhile, Full-time Blogger has the advantage, you will be more focused on managing the content on your blog. But the drawback is, the income of some of these monetization methods is not stable. This means that sometimes you get a lot of money, but sometimes you get a little. Therefore, you have to be extra extra in producing content and maximizing it, so that your income from monetization is stable.

So in conclusion, Mending Part-Time Blogger or Mending Full-Time Blogger?

All that, back to you, which one do you prefer? Because every decision has its own risks.

How? Are you enlightened on this issue?

I hope that the explanation I have presented is understandable and brings benefits. Especially for those of you who want to become a blogger. 

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