Characteristics of Quality and Useful Content

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Characteristics of Quality and Useful Content

In the previous article we discussed What is a Niche and How to Build a Niche! This time I will discuss the characteristics of quality and useful content to post on your blog. Of course, there are still many other people who don't know about it, so their blogs are the same as other blogs. In this article, I will thoroughly discuss what and how, so that the blog that you build is different from other blogs.

There are at least 5 characteristics of a blog that are said to be quality and useful, namely:

  • 1. Findable (easy to find by readers)
  • 2. Readable (easy to read)
  • 3. Understandable (Easy to Understand)
  • 4. Shareable (Can be shared)
  • 5. Memorable (can make an impression or impress the reader)

Here is the explanation:

1. Findable (easy to find by readers)

The content that you write, must be easily found by readers! Because, no matter how good the content you make, but if readers can't find it, the content is useless. There are two ways readers always find the content they are looking for:

- Searching from a blog or website, you must add a search column gadget and a list of archives on your blog page. Its function is to make it easier for readers if they want to find other content. So they just need to write in the search field or see a list of content archives.

- search from outside the blog or website, this method is often used by readers. They enter what keywords they want to search through search engines, which is currently popular is Google. You yourself must have been googling something, right?

For example, you search for "Content Topic that Generates Money", then come up with blogs that talk about it, according to their respective versions. Therefore, you must pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is a series of ways that can be done so that a website can appear on the first page of search engines, the higher the ranking of a website. Then the easier the content is found by readers.

How to? Take it easy, I will discuss in the next section on SEO, to be clearer and more detailed.

2. Readable (easy to read)

Quality and interesting content is readable content, that is. The writing must be clearly visible. So you have to pay attention to the appearance of your blog. Try to be as comfortable as possible from the start of the layout, color selection, size and typeface. Do not let you use letters that are too small or the color combination does not match. For example, the background of your blog display is blue. Then the writing is black. It will definitely make visitors find it difficult to read it. In addition, readable content is content that is not paragraph long. So try to write each paragraph short, so that readers don't get lazy before seeing your blog posts.

3.Understandable (Easy to Understand)

This is very important, make sure the content you make is easy to understand, use short, concise and clear sentences, don't write long-winded content. Because, it can make readers unable to understand the essence of your post. Also adjust the writing style of the language, with the target audience.

4. Shareable (Can be shared)

The task of a blogger is not only to create content that is useful for readers, but also content that makes readers feel the need to share that content. To other people. Therefore, you have to really think about the quality of the content and make sure it can have a positive impact on others. It is also important that you add a sharing button to each of your posts. So that readers also find it easier to share the article.

5. Memorable (can make an impression or impress the reader)

Good content is content that can make an impression on the minds of readers. How to? Make sure the content you create has a distinctive feature, whether it's the writing style, or the storytelling style. It could also be from the concept of content. As well as the photos used. You can also create content that makes readers think about something.

The next article I will discuss, Steps to Write a Content.

Earlier, this was an explanation of the characteristics of quality and useful content so that your blog content is different from other blogs, and also so that you can easily find blog visitors. To support monetization so that your blog can make money. 

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