Introduction to the term blog or blogging?

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Introduction to the term blog or blogging?

This article I want to discuss about blogs or blogging, blog content and the benefits of blogs. Indonesia is a country that is ranked 4th as the country with the most internet users in the world. Under China, India and the United States. The trend of internet use is also growing and there are more and more users. From the very beginning, only looking for information, making friends, looking for entertainment, supporting business activities, and supporting educational activities.

Currently the internet is also used as a source of income. Apart from selling online, another source of income that is no less popular is writing blogs. Blog is content in the form of a diary, which is published on a web page and can be read by anyone. This activity is called blogging. Or in Indonesia it is often referred to as blogging. Meanwhile, the author is called a blogger.

What content can be written, on blog pages?

1. Personal Experience Stories

For example, such as your experience from birth to the present, it could also be in the form of education and career trips, or other experiences that deserve to be published for other people.

2. A Product Review

For example, like you are doing a product review or unboxing an electronic product such as a cellphone, laptop, etc. In order for these products to sell well in the national and international markets.

3. Opinion About a Matter

Usually, it presents the latest information, new things such as explaining the state of the area, unknown tourist attractions, until finally it becomes viral.

4. Tutorial

You are certainly not familiar with the term tutorial! Yes, tutorials are also suitable for your blog content. For example, such as: Cooking tutorials, Make-Up Tutorials and so on.

5. Sharing of information

In the form of hobbies, technology and education.

What are the benefits of writing a blog?

First, you can channel your aspirations or the contents of your head through writing. It can also be a way of expressing feelings. Can share information with readers, and most importantly. Ngeblgo can also make money. Or known as Blog Monetization.

How come ... Writing blogs can make money!

Writing a blog is the same as selling writing. Hence, the content you create must be interesting, useful and of course high quality. Useful content is content that can have a positive impact on readers, provide a solution and so on. So, the more useful an article is, the easier it will be for you to sell the blog (monetization). 

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