Steps to Write Quality and Useful Content.

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Steps to Write Quality and Useful Content.

After previously we discussed the characteristics of quality and useful content for your blog. This time we will discuss what steps should be taken to write quality and useful content.

In the steps to write content, there are several steps that you must go through, including:

1. Plan what you will write

Planning or planning like what you will write is very important. So that the story line of your blog will be clearer and the discussion doesn't run anywhere. This planning also does not have to be detailed. But at least you know the ultimate goal, what is this writing for? Try not just, just want to share. But include other reasons such as, you want to review the latest game questions.

The goal. You make "I want to share because the game is so exciting". It helps if you know from the start what you want to write about, or maybe you want to write something about a current issue. You can use Google Trends.

2. Content Research

There are two types of research that you need to do, namely:

- Similar writing research from other blogs.

Its function is so that you know how, the content can be presented and it will be better or you can assess the advantages and disadvantages of the post and it can be applied to your content.

- Research To Deepen Content.

In order for quality content, of course the content you present must be clear and informative. Or answer the problem from the discussion. You need to do additional research, if you feel that the material you have is incomplete.

3. Creating a Writing Outline

This is very important to help you develop your writing later. So, you already know where the title is, and what you want to write about. Then in the subtitle section you want to be like. What kind of opening paragraph. Then what does the second paragraph want to discuss, then what does the third paragraph want to discuss. Until the closing paragraph, what do you want it to be like.

In addition, good writing is one that contains the 5W + 1H elements. you can detail it like this:

  • What: What information do you want to write
  • When: When the incident took place.
  • Where: Where the incident happened.
  • Who: Who is your target audience.
  • Why: Why you need to write content.
  • How: How do you answer the Why earlier.

4. Using Story telling Technique Yes Good

Story Telling is a storytelling technique whose purpose is to touch the mind and emotional side of the reader so that the content you write becomes more meaningful. Not just to read briefly and then forget.

What is the application of story telling like?

The most important thing is that the story line must flow, make sure your writing is in order between paragraphs. So that the story flows and does not jump up and down. You also have to be able to attract the reader's attention through the title, as well as subheadings or subheadings.

Make it so that your readers are tied to the content that has been written. After that. You must be able to keep the reader interested by every information given in each paragraph. Remember, writing must be short, clear, concise, and easy to understand.

5. Re-check the writing before posting

This is very important. Whether your writing is easy to read, or the storyline is correct, have the goals you set in the planning stage been fulfilled. Have all the information you wrote down been entered. And to make sure there are no typos. Once fulfilled. I have other tips. So that your blog is quality and useful, namely:

  • - Don't Write Lies. Especially when you review products or experience stories.
  • - Never plagiarize someone else's work, even if it's only one paragraph.
  • - Cultivate the Mindset that, you must create quality content and also Original Uniq.
  • - Always be consistent, of course, be consistent in terms of the timing of posting articles on your blog.

With all that, I really hope that you understand and can be put into practice by you. So that the blog page is growing. Thank you. 

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