Content Topics That Make Money?

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Content Topics That Make Money?

After yesterday we studied Capital to Monetize Blogs, this time I will discuss what content makes money? And what makes our blog grow. Before getting into the discussion, you must know the material about the term blog or blogging. After understanding the material, you also have to study the material that will be explained this time.

Content is actually a separate freedom for the blogger, about writing what he wants. Even though it is free, as a blogger you must think about what kind of content topic will be the main discussion of the blog that you have. Because this topic will become an identity or characteristic of your blog. In addition, the topic also serves as a guideline so that your blog remains consistent and doesn't run anywhere. The easiest way is to find out what you like. For example, about your hobbies or interests, which will be used as content such as:

Cooking, Traveling, Gaming, Fashion and others. Or maybe about personal experiences, or things that you want to share and feel, that are useful to readers.

Why do you have to find a topic you like?

The reason is simple.

Because it's fun, or doing something we really like. In addition, discussing a topic you like means that you also understand more about that topic. So that the topic will be easy to develop or modify. For example, are you still confused or maybe you are still wondering? What do other blogs usually discuss? At least, there are 10 topics that are popular today, namely:

1. Culinary

Usually discussing local specialties or food, cooking methods, introduction to cooking spices, and cooking recipes. Which basically discusses food either national or international food


Fashion usually provides information about clothes, pants, headscarves, and trends that are of course in accordance with the times.

3. Travel and Beauty

Pemabahasnya about tourist attractions that are popular, a trip, and the beauty or beauty of the atmosphere

4. Lifestyle.

Usually there is a mixture with health, a healthy lifestyle. Or discussing artists who are viral.

5. Personal Life

Contains personal experiences, it can also be in the sense of a story or contains a science fiction story.

6. Parenting

It's about life, it could be about parenting. Or about family relationships. Both are common.

7. Gaming

Who the hell doesn't know the term gaming. About the game, usually discussing a game starting from tips and tricks, tutorials, and reviews. Which is currently popular.

8. Internet and Technology.

Usually, there is about any technology that is currently developing, there is also discussion about the internet and Android technology. However, this topic can usually be combined with the Gaming Topic.

9. Sports and Health Fitness.

Could be about how to lose weight, sports fitness guide. And about health

10. Finance.

Many blogs discuss finance, starting from business, business opportunities, insurance, trading. And so forth.

Even though! Not that unspecified topics will be difficult to make money. Because there are many other topics that are interesting and valuable and useful for readers.

Maybe you are wondering? May, a blog have several topics? The answer is fine. As long as it's consistent. This means that the topic you choose must be consistent and updated, so that even though it has more than one topic. Readers can still read the content on an ongoing basis.

Usually these various topics will be used as categories in the blog. For example, the main topic chosen was traveling. Then you also discuss culinary and lifestyle. It can also combine topics of personal life, daily personal life, with hobbies or maybe financial problems. In essence, you are free to determine the topic you like regardless of the number, as long as it is consistent in updating the article.

Inconsistent blogger, for example like this:

You initially build a blog about culinary, then suddenly there is a discussion about technology. Then, about finances. Then about gaming too, then gardening and raising livestock. But nothing was sustainable. There is only one post per topic. That should be avoided.

Why should it be avoided?

Since it can confuse the reader, what is this blog about?

In the end, the blog has no identity. Although you can choose more than one topic, it would be better if you can be consistent on one topic only. Focus on developing one topic, will make it easy for you to find a niche.


For articles on Content that Generates Money, I hope this is useful and helps you in building a quality blog that is easy to develop. If you have some questions, you can write them in the comments below. 

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