What is a Niche and How to Build a Niche

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What is a Niche? How to Build a Niche?

In this article, I will discuss what is the material niche. After yesterday we discussed the topic of content that makes money, this time I will discuss what a niche is and how to build a niche.

Niche is a blog position or market that consists of a target audience and its uniqueness from other blogs that have the same topic.

Who are your target readers?

What makes your blog different from other blogs on the same topic?

Your niche will help your blog to get loyal visitors and readers, in other words. Niche can make traffic to your blog visit more stable than if you don't have a niche.

If you don't build a niche, the result is. Your blog might look the same as any other blog that doesn't have a niche. In fact, it can be said that this niche determines whether the content of a blog sells or not, in the eyes of the reader. Therefore, you have to find what makes your blog different from other blogs.

Then, How to Build a Niche?

There are 3 stages that you can apply to building your niche:

  • 1. Research
  • 2. Find references from other blogs or websites.
  • 3. Determining the Type of Content

Okay, let's discuss one by one!

1. Research

The first is Research or Research. Maybe you have a topic that you want to develop into a niche on your blog page, but still in doubt! Is this topic interesting and needed by people or not? To determine whether it is interesting or not. The answer is, you can research first.

There are two events you can do, First Using Google Trends and the Second by Reading Forums.

Google Trends can show Demand or Requests for a topic, in other words. You can find out the extent to which this topic is of interest to readers. The trick is you just have to open google trends and then change the region or country that you want to find out the trend. For example, Indonesia is currently having trends regarding the Covid19 Virus

Apart from seeing with Google Trends, you can also view discussion forums. Usually people will ask the forum if they do not find the answer they are looking for from the website or blog that is available. From there, you can find out what hats they often ask and what types of answers they want. What they ask and what answers are they looking for, it shows the extent to which the reader is interested in the topic and where it is lacking in information. Later there you can create a blog that answers those needs. But remember! Keep building a blog with a topic you like and understand.

2. Find References from Other Blogs

The second step to building a niche is to find references from other blogs. The goal is to package inspiration and present content. So that it has a niche that sells. After seeing the content, you can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of content from other blogs, this can be input for you in building a niche. The blog that you see does not have to be the same topic as your blog. Increasing references from other blogs is even better so that your inspiration is broader.

3. Determining the Type of Content

The third step to building a niche is determining the type of content. It's not about the content you write, but more about how you convey the content. For example, the content is more to reviews, tutorials, in the form of writing or videos. You can serve these types of content. So that your blog is more varied and you can change this type of content over time.

By doing these things! Finally, you can decide what kind of niche for your own blog.

If something is not understood or needs to be asked, you can write a question in the comments column below. Thank you for visiting Altair Gate. May be useful. Look forward to further discussions. 

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