Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Aquarius Zodiac


Women's Personality According to Zodiac Birth Month - Aquarius

If you love this type of woman, you have to be prepared to be happy forever or very sad. She is a super busy woman with her problems, just like the guys of the same zodiac. She was able to live alone without a man in her life, a really strong person. It's not that she can't find the guy of her dreams, but if she really can't find one, what can she do.

Especially because he thought he was capable of anything a man could do. He is a leader, the type of person who is really full of confidence. he likes to do everything himself, open the door himself, also serve himself. Because he thinks waiting for other people's help is just a waste of time, and he can't wait for someone else to do it.

If he asks you out first, don't think he will start flirting with you first. He does it because he thinks waiting for you to ask out is going to be boring and a waste of time. She really likes cool guys who sometimes act like she's indifferent to her, so she'll have a chance to show her confidence.

She also likes to guess at a man's reaction, but at the same time she also loves to have a lot of men wanting her. He is the type of brave person who is able to do things differently from other people in the same environment. He bravely fights to get what he thinks is his.

Although he acts confident, he often feels lonely and alone. If he broke up with someone else, he would never show any emotion, even though he was actually filled with pain, sadness, and suffering. Soon, he will return to being a bright and cheerful person, because he always sees the world in a positive light and has "Belief" in the word "Love."

He has more guy friends than girls, so if you're dating him, don't be the jealous type. He may be a little jealous, but on the other hand he really hates jealous types of guys. He loves "freedom" both before and after marriage, his freedom must be the same and should not be tied down.

He wants you to believe him, maybe even if he doesn't. He likes to be on the "right" side, so if you have a fight with him, let him win, if it's really not a big deal.

She is the type of woman who is direct and open, so if she no longer loves you, she will tell you directly. The love and relationship he builds is always real, so if he says "We broke up" then it's time for you to break up, he's not testing you. She is not the type of girl who gets hurt easily, so you don't have to worry about her, she is able to get up on her own. If he is with you when you are sick, then he will take care of you, even taking care of you means a "little loan" to him.

Never keep a secret from him, this is very hated and can make him very angry. When he is sad, understand him. When he is happy, be happy with him, he loves it. You will never get bored with this type of girl. Those close to her will know that despite all her confidence and cold-blooded nature, she is just as vulnerable as all women.

She is a fun and talkative woman, and she also likes to tease you. Don't let him speak for himself, because if that happens, he will leave you. He has many types of work, because he believes that what a man can do, he can do. If you want to hire him, don't expect it.

When he is in love, he will leave his job during the day just to see you, but he will soon return to his work and get back to serious work. If you can afford to live and love a "working woman", then you will fit in well with her. If he is angry, find shelter from the "storm".

But his anger will only last a moment. He is not the revenge type, and will not think about "revenge". A lot of people think that she really is a "great girl", even though she's actually 100% girly. He gets hurt easily, so you better be nice to him.

If he really loves you, then you are lucky, because he is an honest, sincere person who will never bore you. You have to understand that sometimes he will be overconfident, and sometimes he tends to be bossy.


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