Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Cancer Zodiac


Female Personality According to Zodiac Birth Month - Cancer

When he is in love, he will act as if he is uncertain. First, be shy and polite around you. Second, he will stick like glue to you and will try to be near you at all times. He will try to come home with you, or have lunch with you. It's actually quite OK, if you like it too.

But if you don't, you're going to be incredibly annoyed. He hates being talked about and gossiped about by other people. If he knew, then he would be very hurt. She's actually a shy type of woman, unless she's influenced by other zodiac signs. He's not the bold or challenger type, so if you like him, you better start first.

He really likes music with a tone that is always changing, so at a certain moment he can feel funny and cheerful, then suddenly can turn into sad and seem depressed. To some people, he can appear "over acting" or "over reacting." When he is depressed, he will go out and look for things that make him feel a little relieved.

He loves money, and he sees money as "happy" and not "God." He will never underestimate you even if you have no money, he will help you to make money, and save. He is not a person who likes luxury and will sometimes forbid you to buy expensive and not very useful gifts.

He is the type of person who enjoys walking quietly and peacefully. Cancer women are also influenced by the moon, so under the moonlight she will look stunning. He was always afraid of many things. He is afraid because he is not smart, not beautiful. Even if he is not fat, he will still not be satisfied.

Making sure that she looks beautiful will be very, very helpful, because her feelings can change up to 4 times in one day. He's not stingy, but you'd be surprised to see his collection of damaged ancient items. He saw that all things useful to him. He would find a way to use them again, someday. He is not the jealous type, but tends to be possessive.

The best thing about him is that he will sacrifice anything for the people he loves most without any restrictions. Don't leave him in trouble, he will never forget it. He's not the weak type, even though he looks like them, an example is when you fight with him, he might cry a lot.

As soon as you leave him, he will immediately wipe away his tears, and will tidy up his living quarters like nothing happened. She is a very careful mother and will take care of her child every step of the way. If she was your wife, it wouldn't be a problem, but if she was your mother-in-law, well... that would be a problem.

But don't worry, this type of mother-in-law won't make her child an "old friend." He can turn out to be very irritable, and can fight about the slightest things with you like most women, but he will always be willing to wait and care for you.

If you disappear for a few days, it will wait for you, but not for long. This kind of test is very risky, and it is better not to do it. Cancer women only need 2 things to be happy, they are "Work" and "Love". He can live in a dusty house, but he cannot live in it without love.


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