Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Capricorn Zodiac


Women's Personality According to the Month of Birth of the Zodiac - Capricorn

A tall, slender, and calm woman. So angry, he will be very fierce. She will be able to do better than some men, and she is a very confident woman. In his opinion, a woman is not just a flower to decorate a home or office and is definitely not a weak gender who needs help.

He likes to control and hide his weak emotions. He will never try to change anyone, and he will try to accept them as they are. If he doesn't like someone, then he won't criticize or comment, he won't really care about that person.

He hates plastic flowers and artificial flowers because they look insincere. He loved live flower and smells. She also likes guys who use after-shave perfume. If you are the type of person who will wear your jeans for up to a month and then wash them, or the person who wears old shoes, you better forget about it.

He loves music and nature, although sometimes there are rare cases, (he doesn't like it). He likes to picnic in the great outdoors, so, if you don't have much time for him, you might as well take him on a fishing trip. He may not be as jealous of a Leo or Aquarius woman, but never cross the line.

You better not see him angry, especially in public where he can feel humiliated in general. she really likes to dress up and dress perfectly and very neatly, so don't ever force her to do this quickly. He has his own goals in life, and it doesn't matter whether you have a doctorate or not, if he thinks you're not smart, then he won't care about you at all.

He likes to meet people who have intelligent characters, but not because of the certificate stating that he is intelligent. If indeed you are not able to show that you are smart, you better get out of the way immediately. He never likes dreamers who talk about their dreams, but never try to make their dreams come true.

Never tell him "everyone else does it, so you should too", or "I think you better do it, because it's good for you", because he will only want to do what he wants to do. He is a neat person, so if your room looks like a pigsty, never invite him into your room.

If you go on a date, try to look as neat and clean as possible, with clean nails, or else it will be your last date. She is the type of girl who is 'cool' and will not whine, so pleasant to your ears. He is the slow but sure type. He will always respect and appreciate you and will never embarrass you.

If he loves you, he will always help you do whatever you do. He likes to help people selflessly. If he asks you to do something, and you don't help, then he will feel very disappointed. He has high hopes and high self-confidence, he trusts his own abilities and self-confidence more than "luck."

If your wife is Capricorn, then you will have a beautiful and comfortable home, and good food. If your parents visit your house, they will feel satisfied. She is a perfect 3 in 1, mother, wife and housewife, and you too can say "happily ever after."


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