Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Gemini Zodiac


Women's Personality According to Gemini Zodiac Birth Month

a woman who has an attractive appearance, with great intelligence, she is a very attractive woman. He always wants to move quickly and he can't sit or stand still for long periods of time. He can do a lot of things and do it as quickly as possible. If you're dating him, you'll probably feel like you're dating multiple women at the same time.

You wouldn't be able to tie him down with a single "Love" word, because he really cares about love, but that's not a major factor in his life. You have to be able to adjust to it so you can get to know the many characters it has. She is a dreamer girl who has a lot of dream. He always wants to learn something new all the time.

Although he has a 2 in 1 character, he is quite lucky when it comes to love affairs. In order to catch up to him, you must exert all your might. Even when he already likes you and is fascinated by your abilities, he will also see and investigate your bad side, because this is in his nature.

he can handle all sorts of mixed emotions, without having to interrupt or show them to you. He can make you happy by acting like a little bird. Conversations with him will not bore you. He is able to talk to you about any topic.

He will be able to make you feel like the luckiest man in the world. He can make you feel that he needs all your attention, but once he wants to be alone, he is able to stand firm and calm. He can be a great friend and you can talk to him about anything.

He can follow all your activities with the same energy as you have. She is a woman with super fast thinking and learning abilities. He can see where your project is going and he can give excellent advice. If he thinks that you don't want him just for you, then he will only act like your best friend, a "cool" woman.

She is a woman who can easily make a man fall in love with her. Her ever-changing mood is a "charm" for many men. He could have laughed out loud for 2 minutes and then fell silent. She wants to find only one true love, and she wants to meet the man of her dreams. He expects a lot, sometimes too much.

He always waits for the arrival of a "handsome knight" even when he already has a girlfriend. He may fall in love or like someone else when he is with you. If you break up with him, he will not forget for a short period of time, because change is in his nature.

You could say this Gemini woman hurts men's hearts more than other zodiac women. Because he is a dreamer and he is always waiting for the arrival of a handsome knight, then his love life is really very complicated or even messy. he doesn't like to write long letters, so if you're writing a letter, and want to get an answer from him as soon as possible, don't expect too much.

Because he has multiple personalities and always has lots of ideas, he doesn't like to write them down. Because he knows, that he thinks, today and tomorrow are not necessarily the same. She can communicate more than 1 language, she is a woman with extraordinary linguistic talent. If he wants to say bad comments to you, he won't say it outright.

But it can say a lot of things, and will inadvertently get to the subject it wants to achieve without offending you. Usually she will never lies. He can work hard and will occasionally take long breaks. He was never satisfied with his current job conditions, with money, or his current reputation, he always wanted more.

Never ask him, what exactly is the thing that can fulfill all his hopes and desires, because he will never answer. When you get to know him, he will be the most supportive person and always ready by your side. He has a very beautiful dream, and he also wants someone who has the same desires and abilities as him, who can always be with him.


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