Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Libra Zodiac


Women's Personality by Zodiac Birth Month - Libra

Libra women generally have an oval face shape. He also has good skin, healthy and beautiful, with a charming body shape. He will spend a lot of energy to keep his skin smooth and beautiful. She is very allergic to cosmetics and make-up items, but taking care of her face and trying to avoid wrinkles is her hobby.

He is indeed very good at it, so he tends to look younger than his actual age at this time. She can be very mischievous, childlike, but in truth, she is completely 100% female. He will still look cute in both evening clothes and jeans. He thinks that men are the same as women.

Sometimes he can think faster than you, but he won't leave you far. He will try his best to make you feel that you are not rivaled or defeated in every game you play with him, even if he wins. He is very seductive, even when he doesn't understand what he really wants.

He often can't decide what to do, and what he shouldn't do, and he often struggles to manage his schedule well, in any case. She is very talented in choosing clothes, and also when it comes to matching her clothes. She really likes to dress in all black and wear perfume. He liked the smell of mild interest. When it comes to fighting, he's really great.

He can also fight and argue for hours on end, and he often wins this. If it wasn't a serious argument, he would sometimes join in the fight, or sometimes, just smile. He will be a great politician, because he will always know which party will win an election.

He will always have a good reason, even he also likes to contradict himself. He sometimes can not determine what is right or wrong for himself, because he knows everything has a good side and a bad side. Other zodiac women may not really care what other people think.

But the Libra woman listens and cares about what people have to say about them, or how you're feeling, as much as she cares about her own feelings. He can adjust well in his environment, so at his job, he often gets promotions quickly. He likes to work with a team in doing many things.

If you ask him for help or advice, he will volunteer to help, unless he doesn't like you. He can change you without you even realizing that you are changing because of his influence. The best side about dating a Libra woman is that she will never interfere with your privacy issues.

He will never make you lose face in front of your friends. Although he is a person who cares about the amount of money left in his account, he will never forget to remind you that he loves you.

She always thought that housework was a job for women and they could do it very well. But if you're expecting that a Libra girl will be afraid of you, then you're totally wrong. They are strong women, even though she looks at you with sweet eyes with baby-like eyes, and sometimes even loses at a card game.

If you are pursuing it, then do it gradually. The best way is to use his friend as a way to introduce yourself. You must advance towards him with complete confidence and feeling of security. show that he is kind, friendly, and a "gentlemen". You better not be too quick to take his hand "walking", otherwise, be prepared to receive a slap from him!!


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