Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Zodiac Pisces


Women's Personality According to the Month of Birth of the Zodiac - Pisces

She likes to be in a dream world rather than in the real world. She is weak and sensitive when it comes to "love". She can cry when her best friend breaks up, and she can be very happy when her best friend gets a new boyfriend who is handsome, and rich, even if it has nothing to do with him.

You might be surprised to learn that he gets shy when She's in love. At least that's the Pisces woman. She loves small animals and has a talent for training animals. She has a kind of sixth sense and he can feel and predict what will happen next, it is his nature. Although he has a good sixth sense, he cannot choose or predict who his lover will be.

She can't tell the difference between a man who is sincere and a man who just wants to come and go.

She likes to buy and choose clothes. She likes to dress sweetly and looks cute. Pisces women tend to be very beautiful and have great skin. His hands and feet were small and soft. Pisces women love to shop for shoes as much as they collect them.

She is a "hot" woman, everyone wants her. Whether she has had a certain man in her life or not, she will always try not to be under the control of men. Just thinking that way he wouldn't want to. She believes that men can do much better, and she will make the men in her life feel that way.

She is the type of woman who is not too complicated and simple, so, too, to live with him. She is a woman who is full of confidence and loves to make everyone around her feel happy. She knows how to please and entertain a man.

If something doesn't go right, he will try to make others believe that it happened because of someone else, not because of the person he loves. She will never push his man to be overly ambitious, but more likely to make him feel happy with what he has now. He is happy with you because you are.

Pisces woman, if she had a bad childhood, she will always remember it, and that will make her a very unhappy woman. She will always feel sorry for himself and feel sorry for himself. She tends to hurt himself without realizing it and becomes very easily dragged into the world of drugs (both drugs and tranquilizers).

She has tons of options and you can never predict which path She will take. If you love him, then hug him tight, because he will never know what, how, and why he will do something.

It has a complex character. You'd think that She was an innocent and shy person who couldn't hurt anyone, and you'd be wrong. You then think that he is a weak person who needs protection, wrong again. He has eaten a lot of the salt of life.

She is a dreamer, and loves the word “love”, so he is the type of person who would give a gift to anyone at any event, especially if the gift is dedicated to a wedding or wedding anniversary, even to someone he doesn't necessarily know. well.

Be careful if you fall in love with a Pisces woman. She can be a completely different person before and after you date him. She can look like an angel before, and when she's in a relationship, she can look like a witch, but nobody's perfect, right? She will be a gentle and kind person, so you don't have to worry.

She is an emotional person and very sensitive when he is often hurt. She is the type of woman who will cry bitterly to relieve her feelings. She has a feeling of fear buried in his heart, even though he says he doesn't need anyone in his life.

She desperately needs someone who can protect him, but sometimes he hides his feelings by acting very stubborn.

She likes to hide his shyness and weakness from his enemies. He doesn't like to follow fixed rules. She will make a good housewife if you know how to handle her. Many men would ask her to marry him because she was completely the woman of his dreams. If she wants to be a sweet woman, then she will become truly angelic.


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