Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Sagittarius Zodiac


Women's Personality According to Birth Month of Zodiac - Sagittarius

What is a Sagittarius woman like? His features are tall, slender and graceful. She was the type of woman who would walk with pride, like walking on a beauty pageant stage. If she slips, or is about to fall, she will cover it up sweetly and continue on her way gracefully and reassuringly.

She is good at using make-up to beautify herself. He can always see the positive side of the world, so his face will always look happy. He will not give up easily. The type of woman who is full of confidence, who believes in her own appearance and style.

She will not follow fashion trends, but always tries to come up with a stylish appearance, which is between simple and modern. She is a very open woman, sometimes even too open as it is. He is a very honest person, and will never try to find trouble for others. He will sometimes honestly say things you shouldn't want to hear.

But at the same time he can also say a lot of fun things. For example, he might say, "I really want to. You can earn more money, so you can buy nice clothes. That's better, but it's better if you don't mind. instead become greedy."

You may be confused by these words, whether you will be angry or you will be even more angry with him. He has a free spirit who doesn't like staying at home. He likes being protected the most, but that doesn't mean he wants to be ordered around. He couldn't appreciate a weak man.

If he's trying to outdo you. Then what you do is have to calm down and try to control him by limiting him. And by doing the exact same thing to him. He will want to hear you if he respects you. She prefers to be herself and likes a man who is herself.

She's a woman who doesn't like much, so you won't hear her say "Guess what I'm going to do next," or "guess what I'm thinking", because she always says what's on her mind openly. If you can't understand him about this, then you will break up with him very easily. He will see the problems in his life as just a funny episode.

He tends to be clumsy, but that is his nature. You might think this is cute, but maybe for some men the neat type, this is really, really annoying. She is a very friendly woman, so she can easily turn an enemy into a close friend. He also has great taste when it comes to first class food, clothing and amenities. Even those who are classified as poor in this zodiac, will always try to get the best.

He could have spent the money. as if he didn't understand how hard it was to make money. If you're thinking about lending him money, think again. They tend to be paranoid. If you feel like he likes him, he's probably already thinking even about marriage, losing his freedom, and so on. She is a woman who really likes sports.

She is an ordinary female character who may dress up as a tomboyish girl. He prefers a lot of male friends over female friends, and sometimes acts like a boy among his friends. He didn't care about gossip, so he sometimes came home late at night, and didn't care what the neighbors said about him.

He likes to think about both sides of a problem at once. You will definitely find out for yourself, so you don't have to care what other people think. Plain appearance and cleverness is its main charm. He is often hurt by love. But he is never afraid to find a new love, as if he were singing "Do that to me one more time." Or “Do that to me one more time.” He likes to be honest and open. He will not say directly, what he wants to say. If you meet him and tell him what you think in person, then he will really admire you.


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