Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Scorpio Zodiac


Women's Personality According to the Month of Birth of the Zodiac - Scorpio

A simple woman who always shows the feelings she is experiencing. You can definitely easily tell if he is currently angry, or is seducing you. He always shows himself more through his actions than what he says, that's just the way he is.

Scorpio women have a mysterious nature. She is a confident woman, and deep down inside, she is a woman who is proud of herself. He doesn't like to think that he is "just" a woman, so he has to be limited by some of the existing social rules.

She is the type of woman with real character. and despite having a slightly innocent and childlike appearance, he has a spirit of freedom. Many men mistakenly think that this type of woman is a woman who is a good "follower" type. women in this zodiac think that being an ordinary housewife will be very boring.

She is a woman who really likes to have control over other people, but this must be a secret to her, so what she will show in the future is a sweet female type character. Anything she does looks good, and she has all the tricks every other woman has. She can easily manipulate a man and he won't even notice that she is being used.

If you think that he will do whatever you do because he loves you, then you will be disappointed. She may be a bit of a tomboy, but she can understand you, just by looking into your eyes. You can use seduction, sweet words that can bring down all women's hearts, but this will not apply to Scorpio women.

He can use his "X-ray" view to "read" your mind about what you just said or what you were about to say. He was always smiling, and was completely able to hide his feelings.

He will always show you that he really loves freedom. Scorpio woman, if she has freedom, she will never leave you, in fact she will love you even more. If he wants something, he will definitely do anything to get it. He also has a kind of sixth sense and you can feel the feedback energy when you are near him.

She really likes a man who can earn her respect, and she will also respect and feel proud of him. A man who has power over this woman should not even try to challenge her confidence.

She really likes being accompanied by a handsome, strong and healthy man, of course to compare with her friends' boyfriends. If the man has a good degree or career, then this will be a very good plus. If you are a man who has power over him should not try to challenge his confidence.

She is a "hot" woman, she really likes heavy music. He only knows love and hate, he doesn't know the words "like" or "interested". Love, for him does not have the attitude of "maybe". If he is really angry, then he will throw and slam things near him. His rage can send all plates flying, and can head for your head if you're not careful.

Don't worry, because he won't dare to destroy anything carelessly, because he knows the difference between expensive and not. Sometimes he will show some of his weaknesses, but not for long. He will also soon rearrange himself and return to being a "hot" woman. If he loves you, he won't care what people say.

For him, a relationship that he has is more important than right or wrong. For this reason. You will understand more easily, that some women from the Scorpio zodiac are willing to become second wives. She is a spoiled woman, but she, too, can give up the people she loves to have power over her.

If you are dating this woman, you better get rid of all your old love letters. Maybe the love letter you once had was 2 years old, but he would fight about this. because this would be a very big problem for a suspicious woman. If you invite cold war with him, he will welcome it, and will double what you do to him.

If you defend him once, then he will defend you 2-3 times or even more. She is quite a fair woman, so she will definitely accept your apology. Accept everything for now. And he is biding his time for revenge in the future.

If you sound sweet, then he will do the same to you, doubly. Truly a fair woman. He likes to looking and spent money. She is a woman who loves to gain popularity and high reputation, and she will never allow herself to be a nothing or a nameless person.

He is also too proud to accept the fact that he is "poor". Scorpio women really like to be looked at by people. So, even though your job is a manager with a small salary, he will feel more proud, than being a wife whose husband's job is a truck driver with more money. He really doesn't like thinking and can't stand being a "nobody."

If you like it, try a little overpriced. This will lift him up. So when you're on a date, set your schedule, but don't let him find out that you've actually been planning this for weeks. Never forget to pick him up on time, or you better come 5-10 minutes early.


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