Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Taurus Zodiac


Women's Personality by Zodiac Birth Month - Taurus

A woman who is usually quite slender. Taurus women are generally funny and very playful, with a square face structure, and high cheekbones. His round eyes radiated a gleam of intelligence and curiosity. You won't see a lot of round faces among Taurus women, and they generally have strong facial lines.

He is a person who is always changing. If he is angry, he will never show it, and will keep it to himself for a long time, and will remember it one by one sharply. If he's really mad at you, you'll be a complete stranger to you.

She is the type of woman who is patient, but always needs new things to attract her attention. He really doesn't like long meetings. He may be in love with you today, and the next day he may act as if he never loved you at all. He has patience for what he wants to do and will never give up until he achieves it.

He will be so focused on his work that he has a compelling reason to stop the project he is working on. Money for the Taurus woman is not the most important thing in life. He thinks, money is just a way to get a decent life. He feels satisfied when he achieves his goals rather than living amidst luxury and beautiful clothes.

If you like a woman who thinks a lot about love and romance, then you picked the wrong girl. You will never be able to keep him at home, he likes to work and doesn't like to work at home. He likes animals and likes to be surrounded by animals.

Love is in his head, but Freedom is in his soul. He has his own ideas about love and is afraid to show his deepest feelings because he is afraid of being rejected. He's not the type to talk about love, but he has a special way of showing it. He's not good at showing when he's in love, but if he loves you, he will be completely honest with you, more honest than any other woman.

He will be honest with the person he loves so much, but at the same time he seems to be distant. You will have a good relationship with her, if you give her freedom. Don't force him to play the poker game he hates, but let him go out with his friends if he wants to.

He will be very different from most types of women, and he thinks that being different is one of the unique things about him. He is a public figure, but not owned by anyone. He will not be with you if he thinks you are not sincere. She likes the type of guy who has character, but not a character that can compete with him.

Love her, but don't overdo it, because she's afraid that it might limit her independence. He always stands out in the crowd because of something he uses to 'challenge' you. she could dress up like a poor peasant for dinner at a fancy restaurant, or dress like a nun at a cocktail party.

If you are a politician looking for a wife, she will be a perfect fit, as she is intelligent and gets along well with all walks of life. He is also not the jealous type, because he must know thoroughly before accepting you into his life. He has a greater curiosity about life than simply wondering if you are currently flirting with other people.

If you keep your distance from him, or go away for a few days, he will ignore you. Even when he's dating you, he can like other people too, if you don't have what he's looking for. He will never let you down or hide behind your back to embarrass you, but he is the type who will say straight to you "We better break up."

He always remembers his first love. The Taurus woman holds the greatest record regarding divorce relationships, because she never cares about what other people think of her, but she always thinks that everything should be done for the sake of "Happiness". He has a lot of good friends and he is confident in his own abilities, so you will very often see him stop to think before he does something.

If he thought of a problem, he would immediately do it. He has a lot of fans who are ready to propose to him, because the challenge lies with him who is always changing. He can be a sweet and funny person, but then becomes cold and hard. She has her own style of dressing.

You can see him dressed like an ancient person, but tomorrow he will look like he came from the planet Mars. She can style her hair in a unique way, as well as her clothes and make-up. He likes to study your dreams and thoughts. He likes to tease you and joke with you. If he does something wrong, then he won't hide it from you.

But don't ask about it if he's not in the mood to talk to you about it. he did not like to borrow money, and always took all promises seriously. If you promise to pay back, you better do it. If you want to succeed with a Taurus woman, then don't be jealous or possessive.

Never be narrow-minded, never criticize trivial and unimportant things. Try to like all his friends, let him have his private moments, then he will be very sweet to you.


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