Women's Traits and Characters According to Birth Month and Virgo Zodiac


Women's Personality by Zodiac Birth Month - Virgo

Virgo women have an appearance very similar to Leo women, slim women who are able to move with full confidence and a sense of pride. Its face has an egg-like structure, with a high and round forehead. He really likes to look directly at us, like he is investigating something. She is not the type of woman who likes to pretend and always says whatever she thinks openly.

You will see women in this zodiac can walk quickly. She will always try to show her best ability to be a perfect woman, even though such perfection never exists. He is very careful when it comes to choosing clothes.

He is intelligent and easily discouraged in the face of obstacles. She really likes smart guys who can match her personality, so if you're the kind of rich guy who's a bit clumsy, it's better to get over him right away. She is not a possessive or jealous woman, because she expects respect from those she cares about. He also doesn't like temporary relationships.

If she finds the man of her dreams, she will never leave him. If he doesn't like you, then he will try hard to keep his distance. He tried to be disciplined to act reasonable and proper. He really dislikes and will not tolerate foul language, or swearing.

She really likes men who are gentlemen, on a date that will open the door for her, She really wants to feel protected and When a man takes on this task, he feels he has become a full woman. He can remember everything about other people and about himself very well. He's really very capable of keeping a secret, you can trust him for this.

It likes a diffuse and light smell. She is also very subtle in maintaining her beauty, so you can see that she is very serious about choosing a soap that will suit her skin condition. Don't ever try to comment on some of her very picky quirks, as this is her happiness, being a beautician herself.

He is not a flawless angel, because he will sometimes be very hard, like steel. Although he was quite easily discouraged, he would never try to cry over it. She is a shy type of woman, if she has to speak in public, she will be very nervous, even though she can walk and talk confidently.

She is only looking for true love from a man, not just ordinary love. The model of love he wants is the ideal model. He really likes to think that no one else is more presentable and effective than he is, which actually irritates you sometimes, because there really isn't such a thing. He likes sweet words, but sometimes he can let loose and say something you don't expect, you can't even accept.

When he had stopped being angry, he would have completely forgotten what he had just said, and would return to being an angel. If you are dating him, you better come on time.

A flower and some sweet seduction will make him feel calm. If you want to apologize to him, do it directly and don't overdo it. Do not make a long-winded and boring request, until in the end your date becomes a make up event, this could drag you into the next world war.

She likes to see her boyfriend look neat and clean. He is very detailed, especially regarding money. Never make him think he's funny or joking like a clown. At the time of the first introduction to him, do not glance at other women too much. At the beginning of the relationship with him, don't hug him too often in public, because it's not good for him.

He is very fond of books, a stage play, and music, and is also very fond of criticizing their performances. A female critic is an icon for her, including the small and big things in her life, such as hair, clothes, and the way she walks. If you fall in love with him, try to be as perfect a man as possible.


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